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Book Signing

Special Event: Book signing with Kimberly Cleveland, author of Forever in my Heart

Sunday, September 6th at 3pm in the Manor House PMBook

A young boy who loves living by the ocean hear is grandfather discovers that life is finite through the observations of his friend Charlie the Conch. Papa teaches the young boy that life continues and love and memories last forever even when someone dies.

In this touching tale, a young becomes confused when Papa cannot play with him because he is feeling ill in the hospital. The child learns that he will have the memories of Papa alive in his heart forever when he and his mom face Papa’s physical death. Papa inspires grandparents and parents alike to prepare children for the day when they will no longer be able to be physically present. Through his loving example, Papa replaces the fear of loss the young boy has regarding death with a celebration of joyful memories that transcend the physical and merge souls.

A sweet and simple explanation of a difficult topic, this adventure is sure to engage parents and grandparents alongside the children they love. Forever in my Heart is sure to provoke questions, open discussion and provide a natural example of one of life’s most difficult transitions.

About the Author

Kimberly Cleveland is an experienced nurse practitioner, health care administration and attorney. Kimberly has spoken nationally and internationally on a number of topics and published in journals throughout here career. When she is not consulting or coaching, Kimberly spends her time on the faculty of a large university in Ohio or writing, lecturing and studying various topics related to holistic living, business, nursing and health care topics. Kimberly enjoys exploring the world with her husband, children, and grandchildren.