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What’s happening at Punderson Manor

August 8, 2014

August 7, 2014

  • Updated photos on Punderson’s Boardwalk construction: Photo 1  Photo 2

August 6, 2014

July 2, 2014

June 25, 2014

  • Updated photos on Punderson’s new boardwalk is being constructed on site, and will start from Punderson Manor and wrap around the lake to the cottages. Take a look at the progress of the project.

Photo 1      Photo 2      Photo 3     Photo 4

  • The Terror of Binky Toodles – October 31, 2014 – Mystery Weekend Event

Binky Toodles is the reason why clowns creep some people out, and when you want to scare the living daylights out of somebody, you tell them the story of the Binky Toodles. Binky was responsible for horrendous deeds so terrifying, he was tried and executed on the spot at the scene of his crime by way of electrocution, as he whistled “Pop Goes the Weasel”.  Once Binky was pronounced dead by electrocution, his body was taken to Potter’s Field.

On the way there the ambulance hit a deer and flipped off a bridge landing in Punderson Lake, killing everybody inside the vehicle.  However, the body of Binky Toodles was never found in the ambulance.  Some say that Binky was so evil the devil didn’t even know what to do with him hence a special place was created. It was far below the blazing pits of damnation, deeper than the endless pools of hopeless despair, and that place was called Toodlesville. Binky was in charge of all the rest of the wickedest of souls ever to inhabit a human body.

Binky Toodles disappeared on October 31st in 1927, 30 years ago however, legend has it that Binky can be conjured back to the land of the living for those that wish to go where angels fear to tread. Hence, for the past 30 years people are hosting Halloween parties attempting to conjure the spirit of Binky Toodles by singing Pop Goes the Weasel, as the Halloween goers revel the night away.  If in fact he is brought back, for 2 days Binky Toodles will do the bidding of the person that conjures him from his eternal damnation.  Of course, nobody has actually witnessed Binky Toodles rise from the dead and appear before them, but that doesn’t stop every Halloween partygoer from singing the song to bring him back.

That is why, this year 1957, eccentric millionaire Mecurius Wentworth III is throwing a grand Halloween gala. However, he’s not only inviting all of his ex wives and ex business partners, he’s also inviting YOU to this grand affair.  It’s been years since any of Mecurius’s exes has seen him and let’s just say they didn’t depart on the best of terms, combine this with Binky Toodles and it makes for quite a killer time.

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May 1, 2014

Another video blog for you, from our friends at One Tank Trips. Learn more about our new weekly horse-drawn carriage rides, Punderson’s history, bubble and squeak, and our Lodge’s ‘spirited’ past.


March 21, 2014

A tale from Punderson’s past…

Forty years ago, a band of gypsies used to camp for the summer at Punderson State Park, but they haven’t been seen since 1978.  They left early that year.  As the caravan of old trucks and cars headed toward the park exit, the Chief Park Ranger stopped the procession and approached the Gypsy leader. “Why are you leaving early this year?” the Chief Ranger inquired.

“Something scared the old folks,” the leader replied. “I don’t think we’ll ever be back.” Then he told the Ranger exactly what had frightened them.

A group of elders had been sitting around their campfire the previous evening when a young woman covered with seaweed emerged from the darkened waters of Punderson Lake. The figure walked alongside the lake for a few yards then headed back into the water and disappeared beneath the surface.

In an interview five years later, the Ranger said, “A teenage girl did drown in the lake in 1977.”

“Perhaps the Gypsies read about the event in the newspapers and imagination was responsible for the rest?,” he was asked.

“Highly unlikely,” the Chief Ranger replied. “The Gypsies were all from other states. The drowning happened after the Gypsies had left for the year and only a small item about it appeared in one the Cleveland newspapers. Most Clevelanders never heard about the drowning, let alone people from out of state.”

Several reports of supernatural activities have been reported at Punderson.  The sighting by the Gypsies is the only one we heard of that took place anywhere in the park other than inside the Manor House.


March 14, 2014

  • COMING SPRING 2014 – A new boardwalk is being constructed on site, and will start from Punderson Manor and wrap around the lake to the cottages. Take a look at this artist’s rendering of what you and your family will be able to enjoy soon!
  •  We’re pleased to announce starting April 6, 2014 – every Sunday from 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm, in conjunction with Ladybug Carriage Tours, we’ll be offering horse drawn carriage rides! Watch this space for more details soon.